Why we are having a rally on Jan 30

Canada’s steel industry is in crisis, with over 120,000 direct and indirect jobs at risk across the country. Canadian working families are suffering as their plants close or slash production levels, while our governments allow the dumping of subsidized steel from foreign producers with terrible environmental, safety and working standards. Our courts have allowed U.S. Steel to take away critical health-care benefits from 20,000 pensioners and move production and jobs out of the country.

Canada’s future prosperity requires a domestic steel industry as a critical component of an advanced manufacturing economy. Our families and communities need urgent action from our federal and provincial governments to prevent the disappearance of Canadian steelmaking.

On January 30 please join us in Hamilton for a massive rally to demand justice for workers and pensioners and to call for immediate government support for a domestic steel industry. If you live outside the city, RSVP online and we will reach out closer to the date with information about rides and buses near you.

RSVP for the event.

Read more about how pensioners are at risk.

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